Eye Tracking for VR and AR


Author(s): Pupil Dev Team

February 23, 2016

We have just released our eye tracking add-on cups for the Oculus DK2 and camera mounts for the Epson Moverio BT-200. Both are available on the store.

Since we started Pupil Labs, we have received lots of interest and many requests from the community to integrate Pupil into Oculus and other VR and AR hardware. Eye tracking for VR and AR is something we always wanted to pursue. However, it has taken us some time to get to this public release because the majority of our energy has so far dedicated toward developing Pupil.

Today, we are pleased to to announce this hardware release, and to begin our commitment to a new branch of work - making accessible eye tracking tools for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) head mounted displays (HMDs).

Here is an overview of the new hardware:

The Oculus DK2 add-on cup brings monocular and binocular eye tracking to the Oculus DK2. Our custom lens cup comes with our 120Hz camera and uses the existing lens from your DK2.

We use an IR mirror with IR illumination so that your view of the VR environment remains unobstructed. The add-on comes with thin USB cables that can be plugged into the Oculus or your computer.

The Epson Moverio BT-200 camera mount add-on slides onto the BT-200 and is compatible with our 120Hz cameras. You can either get the 120Hz camera upgrades or use existing 120Hz cameras from your Pupil eye tracking headset.

Both the Oculus and BT-200 add-ons connect to a host via USB 2.0. Since these are developers tools, we do not offer "turnkey" ready software. But, for most applications, Pupil Capture can be used in the integration. We plan to work with the Pupil community to create a Unity plugin for eye tracking.