Pupil Invisible - Beta Launch


Author(s): Pupil Dev Team

January 9, 2019

Pupil Invisible

We are very excited to announce our newest product Pupil Invisible

The first eye tracking device that truly looks and feels like a normal pair of glasses. No setup, no adjustments, no calibration.

Pupil Invisible glasses

Machine Learning

Leveraging insights we gained working on Pupil, we have created a new gaze estimation pipeline powered by deep neural networks and matching eye tracking hardware.


Easy to use

Our approach does not rely on glints or even images of the pupil. There is no adjustment and no calibration required. Just put it on, and go.

Sunny outdoor environments

Traditional eye tracking approaches fail in bright sunlight. Pupil Invisible provides robust gaze estimation in any environment!


We managed to move the cameras completely outside of the field of view and fully integrate them into the frame. The first eye tracker that truly looks and feels like a pair of glasses.

Slippage compensation

Our algorithms perfectly and instantaneously compensate for the movement of the glasses, ensuring high quality eye tracking data at all times.

Android companion

Pupil Invisible comes with an Android smartphone and companion app. It uses the companion phone for real-time neural network gaze estimation, real-time streaming over wifi, and recording.

Detachable scene camera

A wide angle camera records your full field of view. An integrated microphone can capture audio. The entire scene camera module can be quickly detached/re-attached via magnetic connection.


A high resolution Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) is integrated into the frame.

Swappable lenses

You can easily pop in/out lenses with different prescriptions and shades.