Pupil plugin for Lab Streaming Layer


Author(s): Pupil Dev Team

November 18, 2016

We are excited to introduce the Pupil + Lab Streaming Layer relay plugin. The plugin works with Pupil Capture to relay pupil data, gaze data, and notifications to LSL. Users can link the data to other inlets in the network.

The Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) is a system that provides unified collection of measurement time series between programs, computers, and devices over a network for distributed signal transport, time synchronization, and data collection. LSL has an extensive range of supported measurement modalities including eye tracking.

LSL is a great data acquisition tool that is used by a lot of researchers. That is why we developed the Pupil LSL plugin to be maintainable in the long run that allows researchers and developers to have access to all of our data. It also allows the user to turn on and off outlets for pupil, gaze and notification data. The plugin provides the following outlets from primitive data streams and Python Representation streams:

Primitive data streams

  • diameter

  • confidence

  • timestamp

  • norm_pos.x

  • norm_pos.y

Python Representation streams

  • repr() string of the datum

For more information you can check out the plugin documentation included in the LSL distribution. You will need to search for the plugin here