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Author(s): Pupil Dev Team

January 12, 2018

Happy 2018!

Our first blog post of the year focus on the Pupil community. The community is continuing to grow and there are a lot of exciting projects, scripts, and plugins that have been developed using Pupil.

It is incredibly exciting to see the ecosystem expand and new projects emerge!


While browsing through github, we found a lot of exciting projects, plugins, and custom scripts that use/extend/build on top of Pupil.

We thought it would be useful for the community to have a centralized place to share plugins, projects, and scripts developed by the community. Therefore, we decided to create the pupil-community reopsitory!

In the next section we have compiled a very short list of some of the custom plugins, scripts, and projects that we found recently and that were not already feature in this blog. There are likely many more still out there in the wild (e.g. sitting on your hard drive :), so feel free to contribute.

You can submit to the pupil-community repository by making a PR with a link and short description in the README file.

Community Projects

OptiTrack and Pupil Labs Python Recorder

  • A simple python script that records data from Pupil Labs and OptiTrack.

Graph viz eye tracker

  • Creating a gaze-aided graph navigating application using Unity3D and Pupil.

Gaze-controlled VLC Player - gvlc

  • Gaze-controlled VLC player using Pupil Capture.

Offline Gaze Mapping Tools for Pupil Labs Glasses

  • Offline Gaze Mapping Tools for Pupil.

Pupil Labs usybus Controller

  • This plugin exports pupillabs eye tracking gaze to Ivybus.

Pupil progs

  • Python helper scripts used with Pupil (post-hoc and real-time).

Eye Tracking Research Data Analysis

  • Python pupillometry analysis scripts to analyize pupil_data.

Optical Dimension Spatial Thinking - ODST

  • Gaze controlled interface using gaze data from Pupil and voice recognition.

Lab MatLab Control

  • Custom utilities for experimental MatLab control

Pupil is open source and is free for you to use and explore. We encourage you to get involved. Make a suggestion, fix a bug, improve documentation, contribute code, or make a fork and do something entirely your own!

Get in touch with the community via the #pupil channel on Discord

We look forward to seeing what you build with Pupil!