Introducing Pupil Mobile


Author(s): Pupil Dev Team

August 5, 2017

We are excited to introduce Pupil Mobile - a companion app to Pupil Capture. The app is currently in public alpha. Get it on the Google Play Store!

Pupil Mobile has been supported in Pupil Capture since v0.9.4, and now that offline pupil detection and offline calibration is available in Pupil Player v0.9.13 we feel it is finally time to officially announce Pupil Mobile!

Introducing Pupil Mobile

The Pupil Mobile app enables you to connect your Pupil eye tracking headset to your Android device (Nexus 5x or Nexus 6p) via USBC. You can preview video and other sensor streams on your Android device and stream video data over a WiFi network to other computers (clients) running Pupil Capture.

You can also use Pupil Mobile to save video from your Pupil eye tracking headset and other sensor data locally on your Android device.

Please note that Pupil Mobile is still in public alpha. This means that you should not rely on the app to work all the time. If you do encounter trouble, please open an issue, and we will do our best to provide quick feedback and support.

We're currently working on improving docs for Pupil Mobile, but a first draft of the docs is available at

We look forward to seeing what you do with Pupil Mobile and to your feedback!