Pupil Labs + cognitiveVR


Author(s): Pupil Dev Team

May 18, 2017

We are excited to announce that cognitiveVR has released support for Pupil Labs eye tracking add-ons!

cognitiveVR is a powerful analytics platform for virtual reality to give content creators the ability to make better VR. Their technology helps companies extract value from VR experiences by providing the tools to record, measure, and analyze user behavior and engagement.

Pupil Labs Vive Add-On with cognitiveVR

This cognitiveVR demo showcases Pupil Labs HTC Vive Add-On tracking gaze movement of a participant in a VR environment. The cognitiveVR team released a development kit for Unity SDK enabling you to easily integrate Pupil Labs eye tracking into your Unity scene. You can use the cognitiveVR Pupil SDK in parallel with Steam VR.

For more information on how to use Pupil Labs eye tracking with cognitiveVR, head over to cognitiveVR documentation.