New 200Hz Vive add-on and WorldViz Vizard support


Author(s): Pupil Dev Team

March 20, 2019

We are pleased to announce new 200Hz add-on eye cameras for our HTC Vive/Vive PRO add-on! Now you can track at a much higher framerate in your virtual environment with our new cameras. See our vr/ar page to learn more about the new hardware.

We will be adding the 200Hz Vive/Vive Pro Add-on to the store very soon!

Also exciting news from WorldViz! Their VR platform Vizard 6 - now officially supports Pupil Labs! Just snap on Pupil Labs VR add-on to your HMD and use Vizard, and you are ready to go.

Vizard Pupil Labs integration

By integrating the Pupil Labs VR add-on eye tracker with Vizard 6, you are able to quickly add eye tracking to your virtual scene. Eye tracking adds another level of immersion and control in VR, as another alternate input which can provide whole new ways to interact in the virtual world. Instead of using controllers, just simply look and interact with objects. Also perform gaze analysis, record and exporting of your data.

Vizard Pupil Labs integration

Read more on WorldViz blog post for more information and learn about WorldViz Vizard 6 platform.